Orlando Travel Safety Tips

Travel Safety Tips


1) Do not displaylarge amounts of money. Place small amounts in different pocket, or use credit cards or traveler's checks.

2) Make copies of your credit cards front and back, and place them in a secured place with your records( room safe). This can be useful if you need to report a lost or stolen card. 

3) When you return to your hotel, use the main entrance. 

4) Beware of solicitors. 

5) Use reputable places of business for all your transactions. 

6) Travel in Pairs or in Groups when possible. 

7) Alwas have a meeting place for your kids to meet you if separated. 

8) Small chilren should always be lead by the hand near busy streets.

9) Small children should always have their name and parents phone numbers placed on their clothes labe, or inside a shoe flap.

10) Use sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. 


Emergency Contacts: 

Ambulance/Fire/Police:   911

Poison Info Center:   800-222-1222

Crime Line:              800-423-TIPS

Crisis Hotline:          407-425-2624


Non-Emergency Contacts: 


Orlando Fire Dept.:       321-235-5200

Orlando Police Dept.:    321-235-5300

Orange County Sheriff:  407-254-7000

Kissimmee Police Dept.: 407-846-3333

Osceola County Sheriff:  407-348-2222

Polk County Sheriff:       863-534-6200

Seminole Co. Sheriff:     407-665-6600




Celebration Health:       407-764-4000

Dr. P. Phillips Hospital: 407-351-8500

Florida Hospital:          407-896-6611


Transportation Contacts: 

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Mears Transportation / City Cab:   407-422-2222

Kissimmee Area Taxi:                  407-346-3229

Orlando Airport Taxi:                   407-448-3996


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